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Suicide, murder or just coincidence? Has Red Cross corruption scandal claimed a life?

An interesting story came across my desk this morning – as is often the case, the most interesting pieces of information were missing, but what was left was maddeningly intriguing and would be right at home in a mystery thriller. … Continue reading

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The hilarity, idiocy and tragedy of Chinese officialdom (Part 1)

The latest internet meme doing the rounds in the Chinese blogosphere relates to some top-shelf incompetence by officials from Huili County, in Sichuan province. Apparently the officials allegedly were too lazy to visit a new road being opened so they … Continue reading

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Chinese foreign investments are causing unlikely alliances, as China looks overseas to ensure food and energy security

At a glance: -China is investing large amounts, purchasing land overseas for agricultural investment. -Water shortages will accelerate this process. -For the moment, prime focus of Chinese investment still remains energy and raw minerals. -Chinese foreign investment is forging bizarre … Continue reading

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