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Bai Yansong: A journalist rebellion or wild rumour?

Famed CCTV reporter Bai Yansong appears to have stirred up quite the controversy and may have led a number of reporters to threaten resignation, but it’s hard to tell at this early stage as the censors have been to work. … Continue reading

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More on the Beijing News and Beijing Times shuffle

To follow on from our recent pieces on the Beijing News and the Beijing Times, I’m linking to this brilliant piece in the China Media Project, which clearly outlines the changes taking place in regards to the supervision of these … Continue reading

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The Boxer Rebellion & the South China Sea

In some ways, politics is little more than the study of history, transposed upon contemporary actors. Chinese civilization in particular, has a fondness for using history as a template for analyzing the present. While reading this recent piece by the … Continue reading

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So you want to invest… Did you say North China or North Korea?

Reading through the investment opportunities available in North China, I was struck by the unintended political implications of some of them and what was really going on behind the ‘business-investment-spiel’. Over the next few posts we’ll take a look at … Continue reading

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Government discourages theme parks… Really?

About a month ago, the central government issued an edict reasserting their control over the development of theme parks. One of the many pressing issues faced by the central government, is how to control the local governments, who often find … Continue reading

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Who’s who at the Northeast Asia Trade Expo – and who is missing out

I had the chance to check out the Northeast Asia Trade Expo which is currently going on in Changchun, Jilin province. I’ll be detailing some interesting tidbits about investment projects in North China in subsequent posts, but what was also … Continue reading

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Beijing News & Beijing Times Fall Under Propaganda Wing – Confirmed

Well, just a day or two after my last post, it was confirmed. The South China Morning Post (if you have a subscription) and the China Media Project (CMP) have both reported that it’s true, with the CMP reporting on comments from … Continue reading

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