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Not all censorship is created equal

I’m a fairly staunch critic of censorship in all its forms, however one thing that bothers me is when people fail to distinguish between very different kinds of censorship, and ignore certain double-standards. The most recent culprit was this article … Continue reading

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Back after a four month hiatus

Hello all. The last five months or so I wasn’t working in Chinese media so the posts tapered off. Now that I’m back, I imagine I’ll be keeping up to date and the posts will resume. A lot has happened … Continue reading

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And the news is already out.

Xinhua’s announcement regarding Bo’s wife, Gu Kailai: According to reinvestigation results, the existing evidence indicated that Heywood died of homicide, of which Bogu Kailai and Zhang Xiaojun, an orderly at Bo’s home, are highly suspected. Bogu Kailai and Zhang … Continue reading

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Announcement to come regarding Bo Xilai’s fate

Traffic was blocked from entering Tiananmen square tonight while subway cars beneath the area were being delayed. Word from reliable sources is that CCTV’s about to be doing a story regarding Bo Xilai. Smart money’s on an investigation into Bo … Continue reading

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A Devil’s Advocate’s Summary of Bo Xilai’s Fall from Grace

It doesn’t take an old China hand to know that there are rarely clear-cut answers when it comes to Chinese politics. Anybody who tells you that the recent sacking of Bo Xilai was obviously ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for the future … Continue reading

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Province-level action on the Wukan riots

It would appear that higher levels of government are finally taking action in regards to the Wukan rebellion. This link contains a screenshot of the local government’s website and highlights key points from a meeting that was held at the … Continue reading

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The pot is boiling over in Wukan and it won’t look good for Wang Yang

The Daily Telegraph’s Malcolm Moore has reported on a Southern Coastal town which is now in open revolt. However, those who think that this event represents the beginning of some kind of profound shift, ought to pause for a moment. … Continue reading

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