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More on the Beijing News and Beijing Times shuffle

To follow on from our recent pieces on the Beijing News and the Beijing Times, I’m linking to this brilliant piece in the China Media Project, which clearly outlines the changes taking place in regards to the supervision of these … Continue reading

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The Boxer Rebellion & the South China Sea

In some ways, politics is little more than the study of history, transposed upon contemporary actors. Chinese civilization in particular, has a fondness for using history as a template for analyzing the present. While reading this recent piece by the … Continue reading

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Beijing News & Beijing Times Fall Under Propaganda Wing – Confirmed

Well, just a day or two after my last post, it was confirmed. The South China Morning Post (if you have a subscription) and the China Media Project (CMP) have both reported that it’s true, with the CMP reporting on comments from … Continue reading

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Beijing Times and Beijing News to be seized by the Government?

There have been some fascinating events over the last few days. Notably, the Beijing Times and the Beijing News may soon be put under the control of the Government Propaganda Department. Bear in mind that a lot of this is … Continue reading

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Lessons for Gary Locke from Kevin Rudd

The US has posted a new ambassador to Beijing, in the form of Gary Locke – the first Chinese American to hold the post. He’s off to a very good start. Chinese officials take note – the simple act of … Continue reading

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Could Machinations Behind Dalian Chemical Spill Stain Bo Xilai’s Image?

To answer the headline in brief: probably not. I’ll get to that. A chemical spill in the northeastern city of Dalian is occupying headlines at the moment, not simply for the risks to the environment but the fact that an … Continue reading

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What direction will the Chinese government take after 2012?

This is a piece I published in OnlineOpinion yesterday. I’ve reproduced it here in full. It’s a fairly broad piece, for readers interested in recent trends in Chinese politics as well as the limitations the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) faces. … Continue reading

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