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Not all censorship is created equal

I’m a fairly staunch critic of censorship in all its forms, however one thing that bothers me is when people fail to distinguish between very different kinds of censorship, and ignore certain double-standards. The most recent culprit was this article … Continue reading

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Chinese Government Attempts to Create Global Radio Cooperative

This week, Chinese Propaganda apparatchiks will gather in Beijing along with the heads of their international radio broadcaster, China Radio International (CRI) and a handful of representatives from radio stations around the globe, to announce the formation of a media cooperation … Continue reading

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Propagandist Behind ‘Founding of a Party’ Admits Audiences are Sick of these Movies

It’s not easy being a propagandist. When you succeed, the credit goes to whomever you’re ‘propagandizing’ and when you fail, everybody blames you. The recent awarding of a prestigious (well, comparatively prestigious) film prize to a propaganda film has highlighted … Continue reading

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Some Thursday links – the ‘Stability’ edition.

One of my pet interests is the relationships between the Central Government, local governments and ‘stability preservation’. For interesting articles, this week has been a spectacular one with some high-quality articles. Start out with Yu Jianrong’s piece on ‘China’s Violent … Continue reading

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It’s All Relativity: Murky Connections and Guilt by Association

Just when you thought the Chen Guangcheng situation was coming to a head, things got weird. ‘Black-buddy-comedy’ style weird. In fact, I think they should make a movie about it. The ramifications for the producers go much further than pissing … Continue reading

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Bai Yansong: A journalist rebellion or wild rumour?

Famed CCTV reporter Bai Yansong appears to have stirred up quite the controversy and may have led a number of reporters to threaten resignation, but it’s hard to tell at this early stage as the censors have been to work. … Continue reading

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More on the Beijing News and Beijing Times shuffle

To follow on from our recent pieces on the Beijing News and the Beijing Times, I’m linking to this brilliant piece in the China Media Project, which clearly outlines the changes taking place in regards to the supervision of these … Continue reading

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