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Not all censorship is created equal

I’m a fairly staunch critic of censorship in all its forms, however one thing that bothers me is when people fail to distinguish between very different kinds of censorship, and ignore certain double-standards. The most recent culprit was this article … Continue reading

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Province-level action on the Wukan riots

It would appear that higher levels of government are finally taking action in regards to the Wukan rebellion. This link contains a screenshot of the local government’s website and highlights key points from a meeting that was held at the … Continue reading

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Separation of Powers? The dragon doesn’t believe it exists.

Many China watchers, myself included, tend to think that if it were at all possible to isolate the single largest problem afflicting Chinese politics, it would be the lack of a separation of powers. It seems pretty clear that without … Continue reading

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What’s really behind the dispute between CCTV and Baidu?

The recent spat between China Central Television (CCTV) and leading Chinese search engine Baidu is showing no signs of abating. To briefly recap, there have been a number of CCTV reports which have attacked Baidu. These began with reports on … Continue reading

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Could Machinations Behind Dalian Chemical Spill Stain Bo Xilai’s Image?

To answer the headline in brief: probably not. I’ll get to that. A chemical spill in the northeastern city of Dalian is occupying headlines at the moment, not simply for the risks to the environment but the fact that an … Continue reading

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What direction will the Chinese government take after 2012?

This is a piece I published in OnlineOpinion yesterday. I’ve reproduced it here in full. It’s a fairly broad piece, for readers interested in recent trends in Chinese politics as well as the limitations the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) faces. … Continue reading

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Full Speed Ahead for High Speed Rail Exports Despite Crash

Given the recent train crash in Wenzhou and the disastrous effect it’s had on the reputation of the Railway Ministry, you might think that China’s plans to export their high-speed trains overseas would be put on the backburner, but instead … Continue reading

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