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Propagandist Behind ‘Founding of a Party’ Admits Audiences are Sick of these Movies

It’s not easy being a propagandist. When you succeed, the credit goes to whomever you’re ‘propagandizing’ and when you fail, everybody blames you. The recent awarding of a prestigious (well, comparatively prestigious) film prize to a propaganda film has highlighted … Continue reading

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More on the Beijing News and Beijing Times shuffle

To follow on from our recent pieces on the Beijing News and the Beijing Times, I’m linking to this brilliant piece in the China Media Project, which clearly outlines the changes taking place in regards to the supervision of these … Continue reading

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Beijing News & Beijing Times Fall Under Propaganda Wing – Confirmed

Well, just a day or two after my last post, it was confirmed. The South China Morning Post (if you have a subscription) and the China Media Project (CMP) have both reported that it’s true, with the CMP reporting on comments from … Continue reading

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Beijing Times and Beijing News to be seized by the Government?

There have been some fascinating events over the last few days. Notably, the Beijing Times and the Beijing News may soon be put under the control of the Government Propaganda Department. Bear in mind that a lot of this is … Continue reading

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What’s really behind the dispute between CCTV and Baidu?

The recent spat between China Central Television (CCTV) and leading Chinese search engine Baidu is showing no signs of abating. To briefly recap, there have been a number of CCTV reports which have attacked Baidu. These began with reports on … Continue reading

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Media mogul Wendi Deng – out of touch with Chinese audiences?

In what appears to be an indictment on the film-making skills of the mysterious Chinese wife of News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch, Wendi Deng, her debut film ‘Snow Flower and The Secret Fan’ has been met with resounding indifference by … Continue reading

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