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The pot is boiling over in Wukan and it won’t look good for Wang Yang

The Daily Telegraph’s Malcolm Moore has reported on a Southern Coastal town which is now in open revolt. However, those who think that this event represents the beginning of some kind of profound shift, ought to pause for a moment. … Continue reading

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Leadership in Government – A Comparison between Australia, the US and China

This is a piece I wrote for Online Opinion. I’m reproducing it here. It details some differences in governing styles between China, the US and Australia. Leadership in Government – A Comparison between Australia, the US and China. Whether their … Continue reading

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Lessons for Gary Locke from Kevin Rudd

The US has posted a new ambassador to Beijing, in the form of Gary Locke – the first Chinese American to hold the post. He’s off to a very good start. Chinese officials take note – the simple act of … Continue reading

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China’s Dalai Lama policy: sheer idiocy or Machiavellian genius?

Whilst ruminating over the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP)  latest Dalai-Lama-related fits of apoplexy, I wondered how a major world power could act so very much like a spoilt child. I’m not talking about the Chinese anger towards Obama’s meeting with … Continue reading

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